Packhouse Food Truck serving up a happy customer Packhouse Food Truck menu offering some serious eats Our Brand New Packhouse Food Truck from National Vending Trucks

Our food truck is serving up some serious eats!

This is no normal eatery on wheels. We make a serious meal that will keep you following us all around the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati region. Combine uniquely paired dishes to create a completely unique meal, designed by our awesome staff to satisfy your hunger.

Each day we prepare a new menu of three specialty packed meatballs, three sides, and two garden fresh salads. We have something for everyone; so explore our variety of veggie, gluten-free, and vegan options while still feeding your meat-loving friend's and family!

Our state of the art food truck was built in 2016 by nationally known, Vending Trucks. We've taken it around the area and put it to the test. The verdict is unanimous with 5-star reviews across the board for our unique meatball experience.

Open your mind to the Power of Meatballs!

Our vegetarian marinara meatball over linguini Our meatball sub sandwich known as the Pipe Meatball slider featuring our cheese and hunter sauce